Hey, I’m Julie and I love adventure. Creating the Ultimate Explorer isn’t just about gadgets and fashion, but unleashing your inner explorer. If you’re like me, you’ve _DSC6833probably caught yourself staring out your office window towards the distance wondering if there’s more to this world than the constraints of your cubicle or social group. You’ve also probably imagined yourself tromping through exotic environments and discovering lost cities of the ancient world, while battling some unsavory adversaries along the way…well that’s me anyway. Moving on…Here you will find a variety of subjects to cover your thirst for adventure, such as survival tips, gear, health, food, fashion, news, commentaries, even some pretty pictures, and much more!

Now to tell you a little bit about myself. I’m currently an undergraduate, majoring in Anthropology at the University of Vermont. An appropriate study for an individual such as myself. Don’t you think? So you can pretty much guess my occupation, which also means that I’m not made out of money. If this doesn’t show you that you can find your inner explorer and quench your curiosity on a budget then I don’t know what can.  So far, I’ve traveled to Italy, Canada, and Spain and there are dozens of other places I want to experience in my lifetime.

My overwhelming desire to explore and learn is fueled from the moment I was introduced to Lara Croft. Yes, laugh it up, but to me she’s more than an aristocratic, heavily busted, runway model, “archaeologist”, armed with more arsenal than the military. She has inspired me to be independent, inquisitive, resourceful, intelligent, and strong. All of which, I’m still working on even to this day.


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  1. Hi you have a really interesting blog here so i chose to nominate you for the Leibster Bloggers Award. Check out the rules here http://tommyshaw-travels.com/2014/07/06/the-leibster-my-first-blogging-award/

    July 6, 2014 at 7:50 am

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