Mount Hunger

Location: Waterbury, Vermont

Hiking Features: waterfalls

Dog Friendly: Yes, and you can keep your dog(s) unleashed when you reach the summit. Just be weary of other dogs and people.

Completion Time: 4 hours round trip

Trail Length: 4 miles round trip

Difficulty: Advanced

Amount of Use: Moderate – Low

Longitude: 72.64527

Latitude: 44.39558

Activities: Hiking and Camping

I have hiked several mountains here in Vermont and seen some of the most beautiful summits, but there’s one in particular that I find myself ascending on a regular basis.   I’ve never experienced a hike more beautiful in Vermont than Mount Hunger. From the very beginning, you’re immersed in a majestic forest diverse with Brich, Oak, and Pine,carpeted with lush moss housed by unique wild life. As you continue up the trail you’ll suddenly hear water and the trail opens up to reveal a small waterfall that feeds into a stream that you must cross to continue to get to the next trail. Each mile feels as though you’ve stumbled upon a completely different environment. At the bottom of the trail you’ll see mostly lush green, moss covered, rocks, with tall oak trees, but as you ascend towards the top you’ll notice an increase in white birch trees, dotted with evergreens, and  rugged rocks. Once the summit is reached everything opens up revealing the surrounding mountains and lakes, which is gorgeous in the Fall. The ecosystem isn’t sensitive up here so you can roam all over the summit. Just be careful you descend the same way you came. There are two trails that lead to opposite sides of the mountain.

After this hike I like to take part in a tradition, even if my dog and I are the only ones participating. Just a few minutes down the road there is a place called Cold Hollow Cider Mill where you can get freshly pressed, hot apple cider, and consume some of the best apple doughnuts you’ll ever have. You can also tour the facility and see how they make the cider and doughnuts.

Click here for directions.


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