The Falls of Lana

Location: Salisbury, Vermont

Hiking Features: Waterfalls and Camping

Dog Friendly: Yes

Trail Length: Variable

Trail Completion Time: For the most part it’s a short hike if you’re only interested in seeing the falls and playing in the brook. If you also want to hike the trails it can be a 2 hour round trip hike.

Amount of Use: Low

Difficulty: Moderate

Stream: Sucker Brook

Longitude: 73.0627

Latitude: 43.9042

The Falls of Lana have been one of my favorite hikes ever since I was little. Each time I come here I am amazed by just how beautiful the waterfalls are. There are several activities to suite several adventurers needs in the area such as swimming, climbing, camping, and even beach bumming for the more casual outdoors person.

The falls are located just a quarter of a mile south of the Branbury State Park in Salisbury, Vermont. The parking lot will be on your left. The falls are just a 15-20 minute hike from the parking lot. You’ll hear the falls as you pass the old water pipeline on the path. It’s a bit of a steep scramble to get to a good viewpoint of the falls, but it’s only a 3 minute scramble. Be aware of slippery rocks! There’s quite a few rocks that are covered with moss as you get closer to the falls and when these are wet they make it very slippery to walk on. As long as you descend slow and steady you should have no problem getting to the viewpoint.

There are several little trails that branch off the main path that lead you to the Sucker Brook, which feeds into the falls. Here you and your pets can enjoy a dip. The water in most areas are no deeper than 4 ft.


My dog Junebug enjoying a dip in the brook.

There are a few things to look out for if you decide to hike or play in the brook. 

  • Metal –I came across two large pieces of scrap metal in the brook, but I was able to see them clearly in the stream and avoid them. As an added safety, wear water friendly footwear. I use my Salomons hiking shoes, which were waterproof and they worked great.
  • Footwear – Five Finger shoes are not advised for hiking in the river or descending the steep trails to get to the falls. They work great for gripping onto the dry rocks in the river and walking on the main trails, but they offer little protection of your actual foot.
  • Slippery Rocks — Once again, moss covered rocks can make walking in the river dangerous if you’re not careful. Check your footing on the rocks before putting your full weight on them.
  • Bugs — As you continue your ascent the amount of bugs, mostly mosquitoes, increases. Wear bug spray or if you prefer to go without bug spray then switch to a long sleeve light colored shirt and wear clear sunglasses. This will help keep the bugs out of your eyes.
  • Be aware of the weather —Heavy rain can turn a gentle brook into a strong river. If there’s have been reports of flooding it might be in your best interest to not hike up the river itself.
  • E.Coli — It’s important to know when levels of E.Coli are unsafe to swim in. There’s always traces of E.Coli everywhere, but if there’s a lot then that can mean that there’s a presences of sickness. This is especially good to pay attention to if you are bringing pets and children. Click on this link to keep updated on E.Coli levels where you think you’ll be swimming.
  • Know Your Limits — I think this speaks for itself.

Map of the Branbury trails and more!

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